Forced Cuckold

What is a force cuckold?

A cuckold is by definition a man or woman, husband or wife, who enjoys being humiliated by watching or helping their spouse fuck or suck or other wise please another person. Usually it’s a husband who enjoys watching his wife get her pussy filled with another man’s (the bull) hard superior cock. He might even participate in pleasuring the bull. In this case he’s referred to as a bi cuckold.¬†

This cuckold man may get off even more if he’s forced to do all of the above. He may like to be forced to do things like hold his wife’s ass open while the bull enters, pull the bulls cock out of his wifes pussy and suck it before plunging it back into her.

The forced cuckold¬†loves all this, but more so he wants to be made to do all this. He wants his wife to push his head down onto the bulls cock. He wants her to sit on his face and force him to eat the bulls cum out of his wife’s pussy.

Now, not many of us will ever get our wives to do this, but it sure is fun to dream! So watch these forced cuckold videos and enjoy!